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About Me:

Hello there, my name is Max or breebump. Music is my hobby. Not just listening to it but also making it. Piano is my favourite instrument, as it is so versatile. I can play a little Bass & Guitar aswell. liking lots of different genre and styles, among them Hip-Hop, Rap and lots of EDM like Glitch-Hop, Drum & Bass and a little bit House, i am always commited to search for new fresh music. Videogames are my second hobby, mostly Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and a little Dota 2. Im not just playing those games, but am also fascinated by the competitive tournaments these games have to offer. I like tea, preferably bio organic tea, without artificial flavours or colors.

About my psychological disorder:

Diagnosis: undifferentiated schizophrenia.
There are 3 fields of schizophrenia and if you do not fit in to any of them or have symptomps that overlap you are undifferentiated schizophrenic. In my case that means struggling to concentrate, hearing voices as in hallucinating and paranoia. Fortunately my medication does take care of things. The downsides of this medication are that i have constant inner agitation and you see me always walking around because of that. In addition i have trouble sleeping through and getting out of bed in the morning. Nowadays i am in rehab in a facility run by the Caritas, which helps me overcome those problems aforementioned.

Trying to do the best of my life, i come up with lots of ideas but not the energy to put them into action. This kind of depresses me, since i would love to make this world a better place but can not find the power to do so. Yet, my therapist and i made a list of goals that i have got to achieve in order to move on in life. This list contains for example making my driver's license or getting an apprenticeship in an IT-company. I am confident that i can achieve all of these things, i just have to give myself the time needed and not rush into it. My everyday life is kind of annoying at the moment, i have to do this virtual-walk through the facility that im in. Nearly finished with it, i always forget to make these 360 degree pictures that are essential for this walk. Anyway i try to read as much as possible, since i kind of am willing to carry wisdom around and share it.